Python/Boa Thermal Weapon Sights provide high performance thermal imaging. Optimized field of view enables users to perform threat detection extensively beyond the weapons' tactical range.

The systems can be mounted on any type of weapon besides being used as a hand-held system for instant surveillance.

Low energy consumption enables users to have an extended time of operation.

Python/Boa operate in total darkness as well as day time and do not shut down or bloom in case of a direct light hit.

Night shooting & marksmanship

Imaging in adverse conditions

Observation & Surveillance
Main Featu​res

    ​Instant first image
    Automatic Image Optimization
    Polarity Change
    Image Freeze
    Reticle Adjustment by User
    Gain and Level Adjustment
    Focus Adjustment
    High Resolution OLED Display
    Operation in Battlefield Conditions
    Diopter Adjustment
    Easy battery change
    Battery level indicator
    Accessing functions with menu
    External software update
    Image transfer to helmet mounted displays