SONEC – Smart Open Network Camera

SONEC is the state of the art high performance Smart Open Network Camera used for surveillance and homeland security applications.

SONEC is an IP based electro-optical system that has optional electronic (software) stabilization and motion detection algorithms for enhanced surveillance purposes. SONEC incorporates Thermal (IR) and optional Day TV modules with a rugged and reliable system that is suitable for 7/24 usage even in harsh environments. The modules are packaged in a single compact casing which offers optional video recording capability on the camera itself.


    Situation Awareness
    Day/Nighttime surveillance
    Borderline, Infrastructure and Base Security
    24/7 Security


    Motion Detection
    Compact & light weight
    Video Stabilization (optional)
    Built-in video recording (optional)
    Remote access, control, and update

Main Features

    IP Based Video Interface
    Infrared and Visible Spectrum
    IP based control and video over Ethernet
    Open architecture
    24/7 Perimeter Security
    Infrared thermal imager at 8 - 12 μm
    Visible day light TV camera
    Operator-free motion detection for asymmetrical threat detection
    Designed for harsh conditions
    High reliability and robustness
    All kinds of Military/Commercial Security, and Surveillance
    Mission specific single field of view options (Long/Mid/Short Range)

Technical Specifications
Field of View (Hor.)(SONEC-LR)    4.5 ˚ ± 10%
                                  (SONEC-MR)    8.2 ˚ ± 10%
                                  (SONEC-SR)    17.1 ˚ ± 10%
Communication     Ethernet
Video Output (Thermal Cam.)    Ethernet
Video Output (Day TV Cam.)    Ethernet
Video Source (Thermal-Day TV)    Analog PAL (CCIR)
Infrared Sensor    640 x 480 (Uncooled)
Infrared Band     8-12 μm
Day TV Sensor    ¼" CCD
Dimensions (W x L x H) (max.)    300 x 250 x 200 mm
Voltage    24 VDC

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.