FALCONEYE IRST – High Resolution Electro-Optical Sensor Suite

Falconeye-IRST ("Infrared Search and Track") is a very high performance electro optical sensor system consists of a High Definition thermal camera, High Definition day TV camera, laser range finder and/or laser target designator. Falconeye-IRST gives the opportunity of 7 days 24 hours 360° panoramic reconnaissance, surveillance, automatic target detection and automatic target tracking.

The Falconeye-IRST consists of

    High Definiton (HD) Thermal Camera
    High Definiton (HD) Daylight Camera
    Lazer Range Finder
    High Stabilization & Pointing Accuracy Director
    A deployable MAST

Falconeye-IRST has a capability of positioning the sensor units 360° in azimuth and in between specific angles in elevation axes with the help of Pan/Tilt Unit. High performance thermal cameras and laser range finders can only achieve the system performances while placed on static platforms.  Due to long range target recognition and range finding needs, the Pan/Tilt Unit used in the Falconeye-IRST has an extremely high stabilization accuracy.

    Border Surveillance
    Coastal Surveillance
    Fixed and Mobile Security
    Situational Awareness
    Long Range Surveillance
    Law Enforcement


    High Definiton (HD) Thermal/TV Video Output
    Range Finding and optional Designation
    Low latency HD-SDI Video Output
    Modular, Durable and Compact
    Long Range Detection/Recognition/Identification/Designation

Main Features

    8 - 12 um IR Thermal Detector
    Daylight Camera (with NIR sensitivity)
    Automatic & Manual Image Processing Algorithms
    Target Acquisition and Designation (optional)
    Infra Red Search and Track Function (IRST)
    360⁰and Region of Interest Surveillance
    2m /3m /5 m MAST options
    Compatible with Mobile applications (Reconnasaince)
    Compatible with Stationary applications (Surveillance)
    Built In Test of the System
    Inertial Navigation System (optional)
    Remote Command and Control
    Military Grade Environmental & Electromagnetic Compatibility
    Maintains Regulated Power for External Camera/Laser Range Finders
    Suitable for 365/7/24 usage (with external UPS)
    Built specifically for Commercial and Military Surveillance and Reconnasaince

Technical Specifications
Thermal Camera     ​
FOV            (Wide)    12.0˚  x  7.6˚
                    (Narrow)    3.6˚  x  2.3˚
    Digital Zoom    2x/4x @ all FOVs
    Cooler Type    Linear
    Scanner    25 scan per second
    Resolution (active pixels)    1920x1080 (1690x576)
    IR Sensor    7 x 576
    IR Band     8-12μm
Daylight Camera     ​
    Resolution    1280x720 / 1920x1080
    FOV (w 2x extender)( opt.)    1.0˚ - 10.0˚ Cont. (720p)
     1.3˚ - 5.0˚ Cont. (1080p)
    FOV (w/o extender)    2.0˚ - 30.0˚ Cont. (720p)
     2.9˚ - 40.0˚ Cont. (1080p)
    Digital Zoom    Continuous Zoom + 8x
    Sensor Typer    1/2.8" CMOS
Laser Range Finder    ​
    Type    Class 1, Eye safe
    Range    100m-20,000m ± 5m 
    Pulse per Minute    20 ppm
Laser Designator (optional)    ​
    Type    1064 nm
    Range    100m-20,000m ± 5m 
    Pulse per second    20 pps
Pan & Tilt Director Unit     ​
    Stabilization Accuracy    < 0.1 mrad
    Pointing Acuracy    < 0.05 mrad
    Horizontal DOF    nx360°
    Vertical DOF    +70° / -20°
    Height    2 m - 3 m -5 m
    Mechanism    Electrical Drive (Cont.)
    Positioning    GPS aided INS (optional)
    Video Output    2 x HD-SDI / 1 x Analog
    Remote Command/Control    RS 422
    Feed Voltage    18 VDC – 32 VDC

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.