FALCONEYE HD – High Resolution Thermal Camera

Falconeye-HD is a High Definition (HD) Thermal Camera with Crystal Clear Image Quality. The high definiton video Long-Range Wide Field Surveillance is possible for both Stationary and Mobile Applications. Long Range Detection/Recognition/Identification makes the Falconeye HD is a very suitable choice for air defence and homeland security applications.

    Long-Range Wide Field Surveillance
    Stationary and Mobile Applications
    Situational Awareness
    Air Defense Applications
    Law Enforcement


    HD Video Input and Reformatting with ext. IR/Day Cameras
    Compatible with LRF's
    Low latency HD-SDI Video Output
    One Push Auto Focus
    Durable and Compact
    Remote Command and Control
    Long Range Detection/Recognition/Identification

Main Features

    Operation specific Field of View
    Electronic X2/X4 Zom
    Automated Image Optimization
    Image Freezing
    Compatibility with wide range of sensors
    8 - 12 um IR Thermal Detector
    Integrity with SWIR/MWIR/Low light/TV Cameras
    Integrity with wide range of Laser Range Finders
    Contrast/Brightness/Polarity Adjustment
    Automatic & Manual Image Processing Algorithms and Focus
    Zero-NUC Continuous Normalization
    Upon Tripod & Pan&Tilt Operation
    Built In Test
    Military Grade Environmental & Electromagnetic Compatibility
    Maintains Regulated Power for External Camera/Laser Range Finders
    Suitable for 365/7/24 usage (with external UPS)
    Built specifically for Commercial and Military Surveillance and Reconnasaince

Technical Specifications
FOV            (Wide)    12.0˚  x  7.6˚
                    (Narrow)    3.6˚  x  2.3˚
 Digital Zoom    2x/4x @ all FOVs
 Cooler Type    Linear
 Scanner    25 scan per second
 Resolution (active pixels)    1920x1080 (1690x576)
 IR Sensor    7 x 576
 R Band     8-12μm
Video Output   

2 x Digital  (HD-SDI)

1 x Analog (CCIR)
Remote Command/Control    RS 422
Feed Voltage    18-32 VDC

Optional Accessories

    Pan & Tilt Unit
    Operator Control Unit


Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.