FALCONEYE – Electro-Optical Sensor System

In order to enhance the mission performance during day-night and adverse weather conditions, ASELSAN has designed an Electro-Optical Sensor System called FALCONEYE which comprises an advanced Thermal Imaging System and a high performance Day TV Sensor. Discrimination of threats, by using detection, recognition and identification criterias, is the major function attained by this surveillance systems.

Having a Target Acquisition System, FALCONEYE provides user precise target coordinates and exact location of the threat. In addition, the system has a Laser Pointer in order to illuminate the detected target to the troops carrying the night vision equipment.

The system is easily operated via an ergonomically designed control unit. It uses rechargeable batteries. The system can also be powered by 220 VAC.

FALCONEYE uses the state-of the art technology and offers different sensors within a compact and rugged solution. It can be utilized on a tripod as stationary or can be mounted on different platforms such as on vehicle.

The Falconeye consists of;

    Thermal Camera
    Daylight Camera
    Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder
    Laser Target Pointer
    Digital Compass and GPS


    Land Applications
    Long Range Surveillance and Reconnaissance
    Operations Demanding Accurate Positioning
    Upon Tripod Use
    Artillery and Fire Command Posts


    Situation Awareness
    Day/Nighttime surveillance
    Borderline, Infrastructure and Base Security
    Infrared and Visible Spectrum

Main Features

    High sensitivity and accuracy
    Rugged and Compact Structure
    Easy Mount and Dismount
    High Resolution Image
    Freeze Frame Feature
    Electronic Zoom Capability
    Electronic Symbology or Reticle on Image
    Built in Test Capability
    External Video Output
    Meets Environmental Requirements per MIL-STD-810

Technical Specifications     
Thermal Camera Specifications    ​
    Spectral Band    Long Wave IR
    Narrow FOV    2° x 1.5°
    Wide FOV    6° x 4.5 °
    Detector    288 x 4 HgCdTe (MCT), Focal Plane Array
Daylight Camera Specifications    ​
    Wide FOV    >10°
    Narrow FOV    < 1°
     Video Output    CCIR, 50 Hz
Laser Range Finder Specifications    ​
    Type    Erbium-Glass, 1.54 μm
    Range    Up to 20 km
    Accuracy    5m (1 sigma)
Laser Pointer     
    Wavelength    830 nm
    Power    > 10 mW
    Operation Modes    Pulse / Continuous
Digital Magnetic Compass    ​
    Azimuth Accuracy    23 mils (RMS)
    Elevation Accuracy    5 mils (RMS)
Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver    ​
    This unit sets it's own position by utilizing GPS with a positioning accuracy of ± 10m.    ​

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.