EYE-LR Series Thermal Cameras

EYE-LR, thermal imaging camera, is designed for detection, recognition and identification of threats at longer ranges during day-night and adverse weather conditions.

EYE-LR Thermal Camera reflects the newest developments and technology in thermal imaging applications. Thanks to the most efficient and novel image processing algorithms, it provides finer image details, longer range target engagement and superior image quality in the battlefield.

EYE-LR, thermal imaging camera, for different requirements, has 2 different models containing two different optics: EYE-LR-S and EYE-LR-L.

EYE-LR also has different versions for both land and naval applications.


    Border Surveillance
    Coastal Surveillance
    Facility Security
    Long Range Surveillance
    Law Enforcement

Main Features

    Long Range Performance
    Cooled Thermal Camera
    Large Format Detector
    Meets Military Environmental Requirements
    Automatic image optimization
    Image Freeze
    Polarity Change
    Reticle Adjustment
    Gain and Level Adjustment
    User-Friendly Menu
    External software update
    Motorized focus, FOV and zoom adjustment
    Lens protection cover

Technical Specifications
Detector Type    Cooled, 3-5 μm
Detector Format     640x512
Electronic Magnification    x2
Continuous Zoom Lens     Ok
Cooldown-Time     < 7 min
Communication Interface     RS422/RS232
Video Output                                    CCIR
Power Input    13-33 Vdc
 Thermal Camera Versions
​    ​    EYE-LR-S    EYE-LR-L
Wavelength (µm)    ​    MWIR (3-5 µm)    ​
Field of View (±%10)    NFOV    1.8ºx1.4º    0.9ºx0.7º
​    MFOV    6ºx4.8º    3ºx2.4º
​    WFOV    35ºx28º    17.5ºx14º
​    Continuous Zoom Lens    Ok    Ok
Weight (kg)    ​    <3.7    <6.5
Optional Accessories

    Motorized Pan&Tilt
    Manuel Pan&Tilt
     Remote Control Unit
     LCD Monitor
     Video Recorder
    Pirate, Head Mounted Display
    External AC/DC Adaptor
    Battery and Battery Charger



Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.