EYE SEESPOT Thermal Camera

EYE-Seespot, thermal imaging camera, is designed for detection, recognition and identification of threats at longer ranges during day-night and adverse weather conditions EYE-Seespot, has capability to detect the 1,06µm Laser Spot during day-night and adverse weather conditions. It provides target information to tactical field needs of modern army with transferring the information over communication devices for guidance of fire support units.

    Thermal Night Sight for Ground Laser Designators
    Long Range Surveillance
    Land Applications

Main Features

    Dual-Band (3-5 μm and 1,06 μm)
    Laser Spot Imager
    Compact & Light-weight
    Meets Military Environmental Requirements
    Automatic image optimization
    Image Freeze
    Polarity Change
    Gain and Level Adjustment
    User-Friendly Menu
    External software update
    Dual FOV
    Motorized focus and FOV adjustment

Technical Specifications
Detector Type    Cooled, 3-5 μm and 1,06 μm
Detector Format     640x512
Field of View   

Narrow :  2⁰x1.6⁰ (±%10)

Wide     : 12⁰x9.6⁰ (±%10)
Electronic Magnification    x2
Cooldown-Time     < 7 min
Communication Interface     RS422/RS232
Video Output                                    CCIR
Power Input    13-33 Vdc
Weight    <2.9kg

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.