DAS – Distrubuted Aperture Optics Surveillance System

DAS is a 360° Continuous Surveillance System with integrated uncooled thermal imagers and daylight TV cameras on board. The system is specifically designed for continuous stationary and mobile surveillance. According to the operation conditions, the user has the option to stick as many 3x sensor blocks as needed together to cover whole perimeter of the structure or vehicle for situational awareness.

    Situational Awareness
    IR Band And Visible Band Continuous Surveillance
    Law Enforcement
    Commercial And Military Surveillance

Main Features

    3 X Day Tv And 3 X Thermal Camera
    Analog & Video Over Ip Video Output
    Compatible With Modular Systems
    Military Grade Durability
    Two Seperate Simultaneous Video From Tv & Ir Cameras
    90° Fov For Each Camera Block
    Combination Up To Four Blocks To Form Situational Awareness
    Automatic & Manual Contrast/Brightness Adjustment
    Suitable For Integrated System Architecture
    Upon Tripod & MAST Operation
    Military Grade Environmental & Electromagnetic Compatibility
    Continuous Operation With High Reliability

Technical Specifications
Thermal Camera    ​
   Wavelength    8-12 um (LWIR)
   Dedector    Uncooled Microbolometer
   Dedector Pixel Count    384 x 288
   Focus Distance    15 m -> ∞
Daylight TV Camera     
   Pixel Count    440.000
   Wavelength    0.39-0.75 µm (visible)
   Minimum Luminance    1.4 lx
Video Output    PAL & Ethernet
Communication    RES232 & Ethernet
Feed Voltage    10-36 VDC or 8 VDC


Environmental Conditions    ​
Operating Temperature     -32°C , +55°C
Storage Temperature     -45°C , +65°C
Standard     MIL-STD-810 G
​    ​


Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.