Seaeye-UNUS Above Water Electro Opticak Sensor System is an comprehensive and integrated 360⁰ surveillance system that operates at all lighting and weather conditions. System incorporates basically:

    Thermal Camera
    Color Daylight Camera
    Low Light Camera
    Laser Range Finder
    Two Axis Motorized Pan & Tilt Unit

Seaeye-CUPRA uses the advanced technologies and offers different sensors into one ergonomic design. It comprises a high quality thermal imaging sensor, color day camera, low light camera and eye-safe laser range finder. The system is a state-of-the art product fulfilling the requirements for target acquisition in extensive ranges. User has the advantage of using a high performance thermal imaging sensor for day and night observation capability. Also low light camera and color Day TV camera gives the user a better observation capability at vast ranges during whole day, even at illumunated night conditions.

    Ships and Boats
    Coastal Surveillance
    Long Range Detection/Recognition/Identification
    Commercial and Military Surveillance and Reconnasaince

Main Features

    Surveillance Day/Night And All Weather Conditions
    Automatic Target Detection And Tracking
    Modular, Durable And Compact
    Remote Command And Control
    Continuous And Predefined Field Of View
    Automatic Image Processing Algorithms
    Automatic Target Detection And Tracking
    Image Freezing
    X2 Electronic Zoom
    8 - 12 µm Infra Red Band Thermal Imager
    Daylight TV Camera
    Low light (Near IR) Camera
    Contrast/Brightness/Polarity Adjustment
    Automatic / Manuel Image Optimization and Focus
    Range Finding
    Upon Tripod and Pan&Tilt Operation
    Self Cleaning
    Built In Self Test
    Military Grade Environmental & Electromagnetic Compatibility
    Suitable For 365/24 Usage (With External Ups)

Standard Accessories

    Motorized Pan & Tilt Unit
    Water reservoir and Wipers
    External Power Adapter
    Sun Shades
    Boresight Mechanisms​

Technical Specifications    ​    ​
Thermal Camera     ​    ​
   Fov            (Wide)    9.0˚  X  6.75˚     ​
                     (Narrow)    3.0˚  X  2.25˚    ​
   Optical Zoom    3x    ​
    Detector Type    Scanning – Cooled    ​
    IR Band    8-12 µm    ​
Daylight Camera             ​
   Narrow FOV    0.75˚ X 0.57 ˚     ​
   Wide FOV    15.2˚ X 11.4˚    ​
   Optical Zoom    Continious (Narrow to Wide)    ​
   Spectrum    Visible Light    ​
Low Light Camera          ​
   Narrow FOV    0.75˚ X 0.57 ˚     ​
   Wide FOV    15.2˚ X 11.4˚    ​
   Optical Zoom    Continious (Narrow to Wide)    ​
   Spectrum    NIR    ​
Laser Range Finder       ​    ​
   Range    ​    150m-20,000m ± 5m
   Pulse per Minute    10 Ppm    ​
   Laser Class    Class 3a Eye-Safe    ​
Video Output    PAL    ​
Remote Control/Communication    ​    RS422
Target Search Area    Manual/Predefined/User Defined     ​
Feed Voltage    24 VDC     ​
​    ​    ​


Note: All values have ±10% tolerance. Specifications may change without prior notice.