​DEPETEK is a thermal imager with the latest technology of two-dimensional 640x512 staring array detector, for the 3 - 5 µm (mid-wave) waveband which is designed to be used inside submarine periscope systems.

    Submarine Periscope
    Long Range Surveillance

Main Fea​​tures

    High resolution mid-wave sensor
    Digital video interface
    Proven design
    MIL-STD-810G qualified
    Continuous zoom
    Motorized focus, FOV and zoom adjustment
    Automatic image optimization and image enhancement
    5 Preset FOV

Technical S​​pecifications

Ther​​mal Imager

    Detector Type:             640 x 512 MWIR (3-5 μm)
    Cool-down Time:        < 7 min.
    Field of View:               WFOV:                                 20° x 16°

                                               MFOV:                               6° x 4.8°

                                               NFOV:                 2° x 1.6°

                                              (Continuous from NFOV to WFOV)
    E-zoom:                          x2
    Interface:                       CCIR, LVDS (VIDEO), CANBUS
    Dimensions:                  343 mm x 165 mm (H x D)

Standa​​rd Accessories

    Transportation Case


Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.