ASELFLIR-300D Electro Optical Director Electro-Optical Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Targeting System

ASELFLIR-300D is a high performance electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system designed for maritime platforms.ASELFLIR300D consists of

-High Resolution Infrared Camera

-Laser Range Finder/ Designator (LRF/D)

-Laser Spot  Tracker

-Color Day TV Camera

-Spotter TV Camera.

There exists also a laser Pointer configuration which replaces the Color Day TV Camera. The System consists of the following Line replaceable Units (LRUs)

-Turret Unit

-Electronic Unit

-Hand Control Unit(Optional)

-Boresight Unit (Ground Support Equipment)


-Naval Fire Control

-Reconnaissance and Surveillance

Main​ Features

-Superior Range Performance

-High Resolution IR Camera

-IR camera resolution of 1440x576

-Better image quality and better range

-Zoom Day TV Camera

-3-CCD Spotter TV Camera

-Spotter TV camera sensor is 3-CCD, i.e. 3 separate CCDs for Red, Green, Blue color channels for better image quality and better range

-3 times more sensor pixels used than 1-CCD cameras

-Laser Range Finder and Target Designator

-External Boresight Unit (Optional)

-Advanced Image Processing

-Multi Target Tracking

-Simultaneous Target Tracking on IR and TV (Zoom Day TV or Spotter TV) Videos

-Accurate Target Geo-Location

-Determination of Coarse and Speed of Moving Target

-Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

-Accurate 4-Axis Stabilization

-Internal Heating/Cooling

-Hand Control Unit (Optional)

Technical Specific​​ations​

​IR Camera Resolution ​1440x576
​Fields of View (FOVs) (Horizontal) ​ IR: 1.75° - 6.4° - 30°
​Zoom Day TV: 2° - 40°
​Spotter TV: 0.8°
​ Field of Regard (FOR) ​ Azimuth: 360° continuous
​Elevation: -50° to +150°
​ Laser Range Finder and Target Designator ​Range: up to 20 km
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Repetition rate: up to 20 Hz
​ Communication Interface ​Ethernet, RS-422
​Video Interface ​3x Analog PAL/CCIR
1x Digital (Optional)
​Power Interface ​28 VDC
Turret Unit:
Diameter: 534 mm
Height: 633 mm
​Electronics Unit:
315x456x255 mm
​Weight ​Turret Unit: 95 kg
Electronics Unit: 23 kg