SAGER-STA Thermal Sight

SAGER-STA is designed by ASELSAN as a Thermal Sight for KORNET-E/EM anti-tank guided missile. SAGER-STA is a modern, compact and light E/O system. It is a field proven system that is portable and easy to integrate.

SAGER-STA provides effective surveillance capability during day and night  for detection, recognision and identification of target under severe weather and harsh battlefield conditions. SAGER-STA is composed of Thermal Camera, CCD Camera and Laser Range Finder. Thermal Camera includes cooled thermal imager in order to satisfy long range requirements.


•  Anti-tank Missile Systems 

•  Missile Firing Posts 

General Specifications

•  Operation mode selection (Direct View or Thermal View) 

•  Anti-blooming feature 

•  Image enhancement algorithm 

•  Power On / Standby / Off modes 

•  Image freeze mode 

•  Polarity change 

•  Electronically boresight 

•  Controls on the sight 

•  Easy to use mechanical mounting interface 

Technical Specifications

Thermal Camera 

  Detector  Cooled, 3-5 µm 

  Detector Format  640x512 

  Electronic Zoom  x2 

  Field of View

     Narrow FOV : 2ºX1.6º

     Medium FOV : 6°x4.5° (±%10)

     Wide FOV : 16.8°x12.6° (±%10)   

  Continuous Zoom Lens  From Narrow to Wide FOV 

  Cooldown-Time  < 7 min 

Laser Range Finder 

  Type : Class 1, EyeSafe

  Wavelength : 1.54 µm

  Range : 100m - 10.000m Arası

  Accuracy : ±5m   


Color TV 

  Sensor Type : Color CCD 

  Field of View

    Narrow FOV : 2° x 1.5° ± %10 

    Medium FOV : 6° x 4.5° ± %10

    Wide FOV : 16.8° x 12.6° ± %10  


Communication Interface 


  Buttons on Sight

Video Output  



  < 9 kg (Including Battery) 

Power Interface

  Internal Battery (7.2V) or 18V-32V External Power    

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.