YAMGOZ - Enhanced 360 degree Close Range Surveillance System

YAMGOZ is a compact, high performance vision system, designed for Main Battle Tanks and other armoured vehicles. YAMGOZ provides the vehicle crew 24-hour maneuvering capability and enhanced situational awareness under severe weather and harsh battlefield conditions such as fog, haze, dust, smoke, fire or camouflage. YAMGOZ is composed of 3 pieces of 640x480,17µm Uncooled LWIR and CCD cameras in one compact package. The system is therefore composed of 4 of this package so 360° field of view is obtained.


•  Situational Awareness

•  Day and Night Usage

•  Advanced Vision Capability

•  Main Battle Tanks   

•  Armored Combat Vehicles

•  Infantry Fighting Vehicles

General Specifications

•  Compact System With Easy-Integration

•  1X Magnification (similar to Human Eye-sight)

•  Uncooled LWIR Thermal Imager

•  HQ Day TV Camera

•  RWS-FCS Compatibility

•  Automatic Image Enhancement

•  Heat based Target Detection

Technical Specifications

Thermal Camera

FOV:360°  x 30° 

Optical Zoom:1X

Camera Quantity:4

Detector Type:640 x 480 (Uncooled), 25 Hz

IR Band:8-12 µm

CCD Camera  

FOV:360°  x 30°

Camera Quantity:4

Resolution:720x576, 25 Hz

System Specifications    :

Video Output:PAL, Ethernet-Raw, Ethernet-H264

Power Consumption:52W

Power Interface:7VDC – 12VDC

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.