The PERI EYE series Thermal Cameras are compact, high performance thermal vision system, primarily designed for sighting systems that are mounted on Armoured Vehicles and Main Battle Tanks.

The PERI EYE series Thermal Camera enables to detect, recognize and identify targets by providing high resolution thermal image to the gunner/commander from long ranges under day, night, severe weather and harsh battlefield conditions.

The PERI EYE series Thermal Camera reflects the newest developments and technology in thermal imaging applications. Thanks to the most efficient and novel image processing algorithms including the local area processing, it provides finer image details, longer range target engagement and superior image quality in the battlefield.


•  Fire Control Systems

•  Vehicle Gunner or Commander Sights

•  Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles

•  Main Battle Tanks

Main Features

•  Cooled Thermal Cameras

•  3-5µm and 8-12µm options

•  Easy integration in all type of vehicles

•  Rugged

•  Enhanced Thermal Image Quality

•  Field of View Selection

•  Advanced Image Processing Algorithms

•  Focus Adjustment

•  Reticle Adjustment

•  Reticle Brightness Adjustment

•  Automatic and Manuel Gain Adjustment

•  Polarity Change (Black hot/White hot)

•  Flexible Language Structure

•  Symbology Generation and User Menu

•  Image Freezing

•  x2 Electronic Zoom

•  External Software Update       

•  Compliant to MIL-STD-1275D


Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.