​​​ATS-30 Armored Vehicle Thermal Sighting Unit is developed especially for armored combat vehicles and remote controlled fire systems.

ATS-30 provides user carrier reconnaissance, fire support, and patrol missions in all weather and battlefield conditions. With its compact and versatile structure ATS-30 can be integrated on any type of armored vehicle. Thus, ATS-30 is not only a thermal sight, but also a low-cost fire control solution.

    Mobile applications
    Armored vehicles
    Remote Weapon Systems
    Border Surveillance
    Law Enforcements

General​​ Specifications

    X2 Electronic Zoom
    Freezing Capability
    Polarity Change
    Automatic Contrast and Brightness Adjustment
    Manuel Contrast and Brightness Adjustment
    Motorized Focus Adjustment
    Automatic Image Processing Algorithms
    Reticle Adjustment
    External Software Update        

Technical Specifica​​tions

    Operating Band    : 8-12 μm
    Detector                  :Uncooled Type
    Detector Format   : 384x288 or 640x480
    Field of View (HxV):

    384x288 version

                     Narrow  : 4°x3° ± %10

                     Wide      : 12°x9° ± %10

    640x480 version

                     Narrow  : 4.6°x3.5° ± %10

                     Wide      : 13.75°x10.3° ± %10
    Video Output     : CCIR
    Electrical Interface: RS422
    Input Voltage     : 12V±0.5V
    Weight                : <3.5kg
    Focus Distance   :

                     Narrow  : 50m - ∞

                     Wide      : 5m - ∞


Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.