​ASELSAN's Driver's Vision System (ADIS) is a compact, high performance vision system, designed for Main Battle Tanks and other armoured vehicles. ADIS provides the driver 24-hour maneuvering capability under severe weather and harsh battlefield conditions such as fog, haze, dust, smoke, fire or camouflage. In addition, ADIS gives driver the ability to maintain continuous mission operations while providing a safe driving environment through enhanced situational awareness. ADIS is composed of thermal and CCD cameras in one compact package. This package may also be used as the rear sensor.

ADIS has a special display and control unit to provide the necessary optical magnification for a safe driving, this unit also includes the necessary camera controls. Besides, together with the embedded GPS module (optional), driver can visualize the speed of the vehicle from ADIS's display.

    Situational Awareness
    Day and Night Usage
    Advanced Vision Capability

General Specific​​ations

    Front Sight Unit (Thermal + CCD Camera)
    Rear Sight Unit (Thermal  + CCD camera) - Optional
    Driver's Control and Display Unit
    8.4" LCD Display
    Embedded GPS Module – Optional
    Fixed Focus (No Need to Adjust Focus)
    Image Freeze (Thermal)
    Polarity Change (Thermal)
    Gain and Level Adjustment
    Accessing Functions via Menu

    Flexible Menu and Language selection
    Display Brightness Adjustment

Technical Speci​​​fications:
Thermal Ca​​mera

    Operating Band               : 8-12 μm
    Detector                             :


                                   640 x 480

    Field of View     (HxV)    : 40°x30° ± %10
    (Optionally 60ox45o± %10 is available)
    Magnification                   : x1 ± %10
    Digital Zoom                      : x2 ± %10
    Video Output                   : CCIR

CCD C​​amera

    Field of View            (HxV)    : 40°x30° ± %10
    Digital Zoom                             : x2 ± %10
    Video Output                          : PAL


    Display Size                               : 8.4" LCD

Power Int​​​erface

    Compliant to MIL-STD-1275D
    Reverse Voltage Protection

Communication Inte​​rface

    External Communication via CAN Bus v2.0A/v2.0B
    External Communication via RS-422 (OPTIONAL)
    External Communication via Ethernet (OPTIONAL)

Video Interf​​​ace

    1 Video Output (CCIR/PAL)
    1 Video Input (CCIR/ PAL)

Mechanical Interface


                Front / Rear Sight Unit : 4.0± 0.5 kg

                Display                    : 2.7 ± 0.3 kg
Environmental In​​​terface

    Operating Temperature : -40°C / +55°C
    Storage Temperature          : -45°C / +55°C
    Compliant to MIL-STD-810F
    Compliant to MIL-STD-461E


Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice