VIPER Laser Target Designator / Locator

VIPER is a compact, lightweight, advanced ground laser target designator and target locator.

VIPER can operate at all Band I and Band II PRF codes of  NATO STANAG 3733, hence is compatible with all NATO laser guided munitions with semi-active laser seekers, such as Paveway, Hellfire and Copperhead.

Besides designation, VIPER can also measure the range of the target, automatically calculate target location, and capture digital photographs.

    Range Finding
    Target Location Calculation
    Capturing Digital Images
    General Specifications

    Lightweight and Compact
    PRF Coded per STANAG 3733
    Built-in GPS / External GPS Interface
    Built-in Digital Magnetic Compass & Inclinometer
    Automatic Target Coordinates Calculation
    Built-in Digital Still Camera
    High Resolution Display
    Dioptry Adjustment
    SVGA Microdisplay in Ocular
    Technical Specifications

    Designation Performance
    Typical Designation Range: 5 km (tank); 10 km (building)
    Coding: PRF per STANAG 3733, Band I & II

    Ranging Performance

    Range: 300 m - 20,000 m
    Resolution / Accuracy: 2.5 m / ±5 m (1σ)
    Target Selection: Selectable First / Last / Adjustable Gating

    Sighting Optics

    Magnification: X10
    Field of View: 3°
    Dioptry: +/- 4

    Physical Properties

    Weight: < 6 kg (w/o accessories)
    Dimensions: 282 x 268 x 117 mm
    Endure Military Environmental Conditions (MIL-STD-810G)
    Power Source: Battery or 18-32Vdc


    Tripod with Angulation Head
    Rechargeable Battery
    Battery Charger
    Remote Firing Switch
    Optional – Seespot Thermal Camera
    Optional - Digital Goniometer


     Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.