GZM-04 Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder

GZM-04 is an eye-safe laser rangefinder, designed for integration into electro-optical surveillance/targeting systems for land, airborne and naval applications.

GZM-04 has a built in test function and can be controlled via serial data interface RS422or RS232.

    Surveillance Systems
    Targeting  Systems
    Electro-Optical Weapon systems
    Multi Sensor Platforms

General Specifications

    Eyesafe Operation
    Lightweight and Compact Design
    High Ranging Performance
    Computer Controlled
    First/Last Reflection Selection
    Adjustable Target Masking
    Up to 5 Target Measurement

Technical Specifications

Ranging Performance

    Range: 100 m - 20,000 m
    Rate: 30 ppm (1 Hz burst)
    Resolution / Accuracy: 2.5m / ±5 m (1σ)
    Target Selection: First / Last / Gate
    Multiple Target: 5

    Laser Transmitter

    Flashlamp pumped Er:Glass
    Wavelength: 1540 nm
    Safety Class: Eye-safe / Class 1, ANSI-Z136.2000

    Entrance Aperture: 40 mm
    Detector: APD

    Physical Properties

    Weight: < 1.15 kg
    Dimensions: 97 (W) x 61 (H) x 184 (L) mm (excluding the connector)
    Endure Military Environmental Conditions (MIL-STD-810)

    Electrical Interface
    Power Source: 18-32Vdc nominal
    Control and Data Interface: RS-422 or RS-232 


    Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.