GZM-03 Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder / Target Locator

GZM-03 is a lightweight and compact, eye-safe laser rangefinder and target locator, designed for handheld and remote use.

GZM-03 measures range and angle of the target to calculate its location. Target photograph can be captured and saved in internal memory together with target data.

GZM-03 has 2 built in cameras; one with narrow, other with wide FOVs, which eases finding and aiming to the targets.

GZM-03 has built in test function, RS422 and RS232 serial data interfaces.


    Mobile Surveillance & Reconnaissance
    Range Finding
    Terget Location Calculation
    Capturing Digital Photographs

General Specifications

    Eyesafe Operation
    Lightweight and Compact Design
    High Ranging Performance
    Built-in GPS
    Built-in DMC & Inclinometer
    Built-in Digital Still Camera
    Automatic Target Coordinates Calculation
    Azimuth & Elevation Calculation
    Target Data Storage
    First/Last Reflection Selection
    Adjustable Target Masking
    SVGA, OLED Microdisplay
    Electronic Reticle
    Internal Memory

Technical Specifications

Ranging Performance

    Range: 200 m - 20,000 m
    Resolution / Accuracy: 2.5 m / ±5 m (1σ)
    Target Selection: First / Last / Gate

    Laser Transmitter

    Flashlamp pumped Er:Glass
    Wavelength: 1540 nm
    Safety Class: Eye-safe / Class 1, ANSI-Z136.2000

    Sighting Optics                                                  

    Narrow FOV: < 3.5°
    Wide FOV: > 9°
    SVGA OLED Microdisplay

    Physical Properties

    Weight: < 2.5 kg
    Endure Military Environmental Conditions (MIL-STD-810)
    Power Source: Battery or 12Vdc


    Tripod with Angulation Head
    Rechargeable Battery
    Battery Charger
    Remote Firing Switch

     Note: All tolerances are within ±10%.​ Specifications may change without prior notice.