Explorer Hand Held Electro-Optic Sensor System

EXPLORER is designed to meet tactical needs of a modern army by allowing long range threat detection, identification, determining of coordinates and coordination of support fire via communication units. Due to its light weight and hand held nature, it is easy to carry it whenever necessary.  EXPLORER provides the state-of-the-art electro-optical capabilities which include a high resolution uncooled thermal imager, laser range finder, digital magnetic compass, global positioning system and laser pointer.


• Border Surveillance

• Reconnaissance

• Situational Awareness

• Special Forces

• Law Enforcement

Main Features

• High resolution long-wave sensor

• Fast start-up time

• Compact and rugged design

• Integrated LRF, LASER POINTER, DMC and GPS

• Automatic image optimization and enhancement

• Coordinates of target are calculated in real time

• Easy battery change

• Shuttered eyecups

• High resolution OLED display

Technical Specifications

Thermal Imager

• Detector Type:                             640 x 480 LWIR (8-12 μm), Uncooled Microbolometer

• Optical Magnification:               x2.5

• Field of View:                               10.3° x 7.7°

• E-zoom:                                          x2, x4

Laser Range Finder

• Wavelength:                                 Class 1, Eye safe, 1.54 μm

• Range:                                             Up to 5 km

• Accuracy:                                        ±5m rms

Digital Magnetic Compass

• Accuracy:                                       1 ° rms


• Accuracy:                                        15 m.

Laser Pointer


• Weight:                                           < 1.8 kg (with Battery)

• Battery Life:                                  > 5 hours

• Dimensions:                                  175 mm x 185 mm x 95 mm

Standard Accessories

• Rechargeable Batteries

• Battery Charger

• Eyecup

• Objective Cover

• Optical Cleaning Kit

• Carrying Case

• Transportation Case

Optional Accessories

• Pirate Head Mounted Display

• Tripod with Manual Adjustment Unit

• External Video Cable

• External AC Adaptor

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.