2064 Mini Link Encryption Device (Mini LED)

2064 Mini Link Encryption Devices (LED) provide point-to-point secure communication on LANs, MANs and WANs. Data Link Layer encryption provided by the devices protects the data during transportation over unsecure networks. Link encryption devices provide data confidentiality and data integrity. Hardware implemented encryption algorithm can be either AES-256 or a national algorithm. Strong authentication mechanisms are also implemented on the devices.  Link encryption devices can perform independent operations from application level protocols.

2064 Mini LEDs have a total of 400 Mbps throughput performance for maximum packet length transmission. The devices have a compact form and are easy to deploy and manage. Remote management property provides easy and secure access to the devices. Zeroisation feature can be achieved in case of emergency with or without power existence. By the use of remote management feature, alarm monitoring and security management link encryption devices are being handled online. The cryptographic parameters can be updated both remotely and manually by the use of Fillgun devices.