Fuel Hydraulic Display

​With its compact, platform-configurable and user-friendly design; Fuel Hydraulic Display (FHD) meets the customer needs and platform requirements by critical fuel quantities, hydraulic pressure data and fuel balance/imbalance status.

Its redundant, reliable and rugged design helps pilots to feel safe on severe environmental conditions during the mission.
Important Features

General Specifications

    High Resolution LED Dot Matrix Displays
    Displayed data includes:

Individual 12 Tank Fuel Quantities

Total Fuel Quantity

Platform Fuel Balance Status (with critical value alert)

Hydraulic Pressures

Warning Status (Warning-leds & specialized indications)

    Single LRU Compact design
    Easy to Integrate
    Ideal Match for Mission Computer Applications
    DAY/NIGHT Configured and Adjustable Luminance
    Platform Specific Configuration Selection Capability
    Extended Built-In-Test Capability

Technical Specifications

    Display Type: Light Emitting Diode (LED)
                              7x5 Pixel Dot-Matrix Displays
    Display Color: NVIS Yellow-Green
                               (u' = 0.214, v'=0.568)
    Warning Led Color: NVIS Red     
                                           (u' = 0.441, v'=0.534)
    PVE: ± 45° Horizontal / ± 45° Vertical
    Luminance (DAY): 6.0 fL – 250.0 fL
    Luminance (NIGHT): 0.5 fL –   12.0 fL
    NVIS Compatibility: MIL-STD-3009, Class B Type I-II

    Indication capability of each display as:

FLASHED (5 Hz): Sensor Data Discrepancy

DASHED ( - - - ): Sensor Data Invalidity

BLANKED: Sensor Not Present

ALL-LIGHTED: Built-In-Test

    Power Inputs: 28VDC (2 Channel, Redundant)
    Sensor Data Input: 2 x RS485 (2 wire, Redundant)
    Control Interface: 2 x RS485 (2 wire, Redundant)
    Analog Interface: 0 - 5VAC, 400Hz separate for display and light panel dimming
    Discrete Interface: OPEN/GROUND (O/G) Input/Output


    Compliant to fighter jet environmental qualification conditions
    MIL-STD-810F / DO-160E

Physical Specifications


Height (H): 106 mm

Width (W): 106 mm

Depth (D): 100 mm

    Weight: < 1.1 kg