Engine Instrument Display

Important Features

General Specifications

    High Resolution LED Dot Matrix Displays
    Displayed Data:

RPM (Rotational Speed, Round per Minute)

FTIT                    (Inlet Temperature)

OIL PSI              (Oil Pressure)

FFLOW             (Fuel Flow)

NZL                    (Nozzle Position)

Warning Status (Warning-leds & Specialized Indications)

    Compact LRU Design with Own Redundant Power Supply
    Easy to Integrate
    Ideal Match for Mission Computer Applications
    DAY/NIGHT Configured and Adjustable Luminance
    Platform Specific Configuration Selection Capability
    Extended Built-In-Test Capability

Technical Specifications

    Display Type: Light Emitting Diode (LED)
                               7x5 Pixel Dot-Matrix Displays           
                              Max 180 Degree Dial and Pointers
    Display Color: NVIS Yellow-Green
                               (u' = 0.214, v'=0.568)
    Warning Led Color: NVIS Red     
                                           (u' = 0.441, v'=0.534)
    PVE: ± 45° Horizontal / ± 45° Vertical
    Luminance (DAY): 6.0 fL – 250.0 fL
    Luminance (NIGHT): 0.5 fL –   12.0 fL
    NVIS Compatibility: MIL-STD-3009, Class B Type I-II

    Indication capability of each display as:

    FLASHED (5 Hz): Sensor Data Discrepancy
    DASHED ( - - - ): Sensor Data Invalidity
    BLANKED: Sensor Not Present
    ALL-LIGHTED: Built-In-Test


    Power Inputs: 28VDC (2-Channel, Redundant)
    Sensor Data Input: 2 x RS485 (2 wire, Redundant)
    Control Interface: 2 x RS485 (2 wire, Redundant)
    Analog Interface: 0 - 5VAC, 400Hz separate for Display and light panel dimming
    Discrete Interface: OPEN/GROUND (O/G) Input/Output


    Compliant to fighter jet environmental qualification conditions
    MIL-STD-810F / DO-160E

Physical Specifications

    EID Display Unit Dimensions:

Height    (H): 145 mm

Width     (W): 44 mm

Depth     (D):  114 mm

    EID Display Unit Weight: < 0.6 kg
    EID Power Supply Dimensions:

Height    (H): 76 mm

Width     (W): 146 mm

Depth     (D): 127 mm

    EID Power Supply Weight  : < 1.2 kg