Avionic Activation and Display Control Panel

ADCP is an avionic control panel designed to provide Man Machine Interface (MMI) for the following functions.

Barometric Setting

Course Selection

Radar Altitude High Setting

Radar Altitude Low Setting


Emergency Transponder Activation

Communication Emergency

Emergency Reset

Important Features

Technical Specifications

-2 x RS485 Input/Output Interface

-8 x Open/Short Discrete Output Interface

-1 x Panel Backlight Dimming Interface

-2 x 360° Turn Pushbutton Knobs

-3 x Pull-to-Unlock Toggle Switches

-1 x Guarded Toggle Switch

-NVIS A Compatible Illuminated Panel


-Communication Interfaces: RS-485, Discrete Output

-Input Power: 28 VDC





Physical Specifications

-Dimensions : 76 mm (H) x 146 mm(W) x 210 mm (D)

-Weight : < 1 kg