Autopilot Control Panel

The Autopilot Control Panel (ACP) consists of 24 AFCS main function pushbuttons with 25 annunciators and two knobs with push capability for heading and altitude preselection.

Operator interface is designed with guidance of MIL-HDBK-1472F Human Factor Engineering standard.

Knobs and pushbuttons provide independent control capability for AFCS.
Important Features

Technical Specifications

    Continuous Built In Test (CBIT)
    AFCS Mode Selection
    Heading and Altitude Preselection for AFCS


    MIL-STD-704F 28 VDC Electrical Power Interface (2 inputs)
    ARINC 429 Interfaces
    Discrete Interfaces


    MIL-STD-810G / DO-160G

Environmental Conditions

    Operating Temperature and Altitude: -40°C / +55°C, 15.000 ft.
    Storage Temperature: -55°C / +85°C

Physical Specifications

    Dimensions: 115 mm (H) x 85 (D) x 146 mm (W)
    Weight: <2 kg