Digital Moving Map

Digital Moving Map (DMAP) generates digital real-time moving map and gives the ability to pilot and co-pilot to perform the mission effectively. DMAP can meet the requirements of different applications with the help of high processing power, high resolution map image and its storage capacity.

DMAP's reliable and rugged design together with advanced cooling and thermal management techniques enables DMAP to operate in harsh environmental conditions for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts.

DMAP's scalable design gives the flexibility to meet the future needs, such as higher performance and additional interfaces.
Important Features
​Software  Specifications


    Maps in 7 scales (1/25K – 1/2M)
    Vertical Cross Section (VCS) Analysis
    Height Above Terrain (HAT) Analysis
    Line Of Sight (LOS) Analysis
    THREAT Analysis
    Point of Interest (POI) Search
    Terrain/Obstacle Awareness Function
    User Interface with Cursor or Bezels
    Turkish/English Language Selection

Map Display Features

    Database including Satellite Photos, Vector and Raster Data
    2D Map Mode and 3D Map Display with DTED-2
    Representation of Tactical (VMF, Image support) and Navigational Data (JEPPESEN/DAFIF Support)  contained in the Database
    Platform Data (Speed, Altitude, etc.) Display
    Two independent Display Channels

Hardware  Specifications


    28V DC Power Supply
    Power Consumption < 200 W
    64 GB Solid State Mass Memory

Electrical Interfaces

    2 x MIL-STD-1553Bus Interface
    2 x RS-232 Full-Duplex Channels
    4 x RS-422 Full-Duplex Channels
    2 x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Interface
    8 x GND/OPEN Discrete Input
    2 x SHORT/OPEN Discrete Input
    5 x SHORT/OPEN Discrete Output

Analog Video Interface

    4 x Analog Video Outputs in Composite Format
    2 x Analog Video Outputs in RGB HV Format
    2 x Analog Video Inputs

Digital Video Interface

    2 x DVI Video Output Groups, Each of which consists of 2 DVI outputs with the same video information

Zeroize Control

    Erase of Stored MAP Database



Physical Specifications

    Dimensions: 220mm(H) x 180mm (W) x 450mm (D)
    Weight: < 11kg  including mounting tray