Data Concentrator Unit

DCU collects analog, discrete and digital data from various avionic and aircraft systems. DCU accomplishes necessary measurements, computations and any logical operations then presents concentrated information to use of avionics and aircraft systems with analog, discrete and digital communication.

With its reliable and rugged design, the DCU meets harsh environmental requirements of various Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircrafts.
Important Features

General Specifications

    Redundant Operation
    Wide Range of Interfaces
    Reduces Weight and Complexity of Aircraft Systems
    DO-254 Level A Certification

Technical Specifications

Dual 28VDC Power Input

Manages and Monitors:

            Environmental Control System
            Electrical Power System
            Equipment and Furnishing System
            Fire Protection System
            Fuel System
            Hydraulic Power System
            Ice and Rain Protection System
            Indication and Recording System
            Landing Gear System
            Lighting System
            Pitot Static System
            Doors System
            Transmission System
            Rotor Flight Control System
            Engine System


    Discrete Signal Input Interfaces (175)
    Discrete Signal Output Interfaces (75)
    Motor Drive Interface
    Analog Current Sense Interfaces (4)
    Analog Voltage Sense Interfaces (11)
    Analog Voltage Output Interfaces (2)
    Strain Gauge Interfaces (9)
    RTD Interfaces (26)
    Magnetic Pick-Up Interface
    Thermocouple Interfaces (6)
    Potentiometer Interfaces (3)
    ARINC-429 Receive Interfaces (20)
    ARINC-429 Transmit Interfaces (7)
    RS-422/485 Receive Interfaces (22)
    RS-422/485 Transmit Interfaces (20)
    MIL-STD-704F 28VDC Power Input


    MIL-STD-810G / DO-160G

Environmental Conditions

    Operating Temperature and Altitude: -40°C / +70°C, continuous, 20.000 ft.
    Storage Temperature: -55°C / +85°C

Physical Specifications

    Dimensions: 215 mm (H) x 250 mm (W) x 220 mm (D)
    Weight: <8 kg