ANS-510 Airborne Inertial Navigation System

ANS-510 is a navigation grade airborne inertial navigation system with embedded GPS receiver which is intended for application to military air vehicles.

ANS-510 has an open architecture and hardware/ software flexible unit which can be adapted to various air platforms including rotary-wing, fixed-wing and unmanned aerial vehicles.

ANS-510 consists of strapdown inertial measurement  unit, system processor unit, power supply unit, Embedded GPS Receiver (EGR) and chassis. EGR is capable of tracking space vehicles simultaneously and transmitting the line-of-sight (LOS), position and velocity information to the system processor. The system processor combines the GPS data with the inertial data from IMU in a tightly coupled mechanization using Kalman filter. ANS-510 is capable of using either SAASM compliant GPS receiver or commercial SPS GPS receiver as embedded GPS receiver. ANS-510 also has capability to operate with an external GPS receiver. In case of external GPS, system processor combines the GPS data with the inertial data in a loosely coupled mechanization.

ANS-510 supplies linear acceleration, linear and angular velocity, position, attitude and heading to the host vehicle systems continuously. ANS-510 provides a hybrid (inertial GPS) navigation solution, inertial only navigation solution and a GPS only navigation solution simultaneously. ANS- 510 is also capable of using external pressure altitude data to complement hybrid and inertial only navigation solutions.
Important Features
System Interfaces

    MIL-STD-704 Compliant 28VDC Power Interface
    RS422 Asyncronous Serial Interfaces
        Test Port Serial Interface, User Port Serial

    MIL-STD–1553B Interfaces, dual redundant
    ARINC 429 Interfaces
    External GPS Interface
    Have Quick and 1PPS Interface
    KYK–13 Interface
    Active and Passive RF Antenna Interface
    Discrete Interfaces

System Operational Modes


In Flight Alignment (IFA)

Gyro Compass (GC) Alignment

Stored Heading Alignment

    Directional Gyro (DG)

Hybrid Navigation (HNAV)

Inertial Navigation (INAV)

    Initiated Built In Test (IBIT)

System Functions

    Hybrid, Free Inertial, GPS Only Navigation Solution
    Magnetic Variation, Wind Speed and Direction Calculation
    Motion Detection Function
    Zero Velocity Update, Position Update
    Vertical Channel Hold
    Flight Control Filters
    Alignment Progress Status
    GPS Lever Arm, Reference Point Lever Arm Correction
    Start-Up BIT, Periodic BIT, Commanded BIT
    Field Programmable Software

Navigation Performance
     Free Inertial    Hybrid (INS+GPS)
Horizontal    0.8 nm/hr CEP    10 m (CEP)
Altitude    < 45 m(1)    16 (PE)
North, East    0.8 m/s (rms)    0.03 m/s  (rms)
Vertical    0.6 m/s (rms)    0.03 m/s  (rms)


Roll, Pitch
    0.05 deg (rms)   


0.02 deg       (rms)
Azimuth    0.07 deg(2) (rms)    0.02 deg(3)  (rms)

    With Baro Aiding. %1.5 (rms) for Altitude>3 km.
    With 4 minute ground alignment at 45 degree Latitude. 3- With sufficient aircraft maneuvers.

    ​    ​
 Alignment Durations

Ground Alignment Mode    GPS In-Flight Alignment Mode    Stored Heading Mode
4.0 min    10.0 min    30 sec
Environmental Conditions

    MIL-STD-810 Compliant

Electromagnetic Conditionss

    MIL-STD-461 / DO-160E Compliant

Dimensions and Weight

    ~ 26cm x 19cm x 15cm (including connectors)
    Less than 6.2 kg with GPS receiver installed