ANS-310K Tactical Land Inertial Navigation System

ANS-310K is an integrated position and attitude determination system for land vehicles. ANS-310K provides linear acceleration, linear and angular velocity, position, attitude to the host vehicle systems continuously. ANS-310K consists of strapdown inertial measurement unit, system processor unit, power supply unit, Embedded GPS Receiver (EGR) and chassis. ANS-310K is capable of using 12 channel commercial SPS GPS receiver as embedded GPS receiver. ANS-310K is also capable of using external GPS receiver.

The tightly coupled, embedded INS/GPS and integrated odometer mechanization of ANS-310K provides improved performance for land platforms.

ANS-310K provides hybrid (inertial+ GPS + Odometer) navigation solution and GPS only navigation solution simultaneously. ANS-310K has the capability of providing high performance position and attitude with odometer update in case of lack of GPS signals.

ANS-310K is a cost effective solution for all types of ground-based vehicles requiring position and pointing during their mission.

ANS-310K is an open architecture and hardware/ software flexible unit which can be adapted to various land platforms.

Long mean time between failure (MTBF) and internal built in test capability reduces the logistics requirement to a minimum. ANS-310K does not require periodic maintenance.
Important Features

General Specifications

    Embedded Commercial (SPS) GPS receiver
    Hybrid, GPS Only Navigation Solution
    Odometer Update
    Zero Velocity Update
    UTM or Geographical Position Calculation
    True, Grid or Magnetic Heading Calculation
    Position Update
    Start-Up BIT, Periodic BIT
    Field Programmable Software
    No periodic maintenance

System Operational Modes

        Gyro Compass (GC) Alignment
        In Motion Alignment with Internal/External GPS
        Waypoint Alignment
        Stored Heading Alignment
    Hybrid Navigation
    Initiated Built In Test (BIT)

System Interfaces

    MIL-STD-1275D Electrical Power Interface
    High speed RS422 Asynchronous Serial Test Interface
    RS422 Asynchronous Serial User Interface
    Spare RS422 Asynchronous Serial Interfaces
    External GPS Interface (ICD-GPS-153)
    Active and Passive RF Antenna Interface
    Discrete Interfaces

Navigation Performance
Parameter    Performance Specification

Heading (RMS)

(With GPS aided alignment or

Waypoint Alignment)


7 mils (1 sigma)
Attitude (Roll and Pitch) (RMS)    4 mils (1 sigma)
Horizontal Position (CEP)     
Inertial  +  Odometer    % 1.0 x distance travelled
Inertial  +  Odometer  +  GPS    10 m
Vertical Position (PE)     
Inertial  +  Odometer    % 0.4 x distance travelled
Inertial+Odometer+GPS    15 m
Alignment Modes and Durations

Gyrocompass Alignment Mode (Coarse Alignment)    GPS In-Motion Alignment Mode (Full Alignment)    Stored Heading Alignment
180 sec    300 sec    30 sec
Environmental Conditions


Electromagnetic Environmental Effects

    MIL-STD-461 / DO-160E

Dimensions and Weight

    ~ 24cm x 18cm x 12.5 cm (including connectors)
    < 4.3 kg with GPS receiver installed