ADG-210 ASELSAN Directional Gyro

ADG-210 is an attitude determination system for various platforms. ADG-210 provides attitude, angular velocity and linear acceleration to the host vehicle systems continuously.

ADG-210 consists of strap down inertial measurement unit, system processor unit, power supply unit and chassis.

ADG-210 is a cost effective solution for all types of platforms requiring attitude during their mission.

ADG-210 is an open architecture and hardware/ software flexible unit which can be adapted to various platforms.

Long mean time between failure (MTBF) and internal built in test capability reduces the logistics requirement to a minimum. ADG-210 does not require periodic maintenance.
Important Features

Technical Specifications

    Roll, Pitch And Yaw Angle Outputs
    Angular Rate Output
    Linear Acceleration Output
    Low Power Dissipation (12 W, 28 VDC)
    Built-In Test Capability
    Boresight Interface
    Field Programmable Software
    No Periodic Maintenance

System Operational Modes

    Continuous Output Mode
    Polled Output Mode

System Interfaces

    MIL-STD-704F Electrical Power Interface
    RS422 Serial User Interface
    High Speed RS422 Asynchronous Serial Test Interface

Parameter    Performance Specifications
Yaw Angle (long term period)    20 deg / hour
Yaw Angle (short term period)    0.5 deg
Roll and Pitch Angle (long term period)    1 deg
Roll and Pitch Angle (short term period)    0.5 deg
Angular Rate (x, y, z)    0.25 deg / sec
Accelerometer Bias (x, y, z)    24 mg
Start-Up Time

    10 sec

Environmental Conditions


Electromagnetic Environmental Effects


Physical Specifications

    Dimensions: 152 mm (H) x 127 (D) x 109 mm (W) (without connector)
    Weight: <2 kg