ASELPOD Advanced Targeting Pod Electro-Optical Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Targeting System

ASELPOD is a high performance electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system designed specifically for fighter aircrafts. ASELPOD is designed as the new generation targeting pod for fighter aircrafts.

ASELPOD is a multi-sensor targeting pod consisting of:

    High Resolution, 3rd generation FLIR
    Laser Range Finder / Target Designator
    Laser Spot Tracker
    Laser Pointer
    Advanced Video Tracking (Simultaneously on IR/Day Video)
    IR/Day Video & Mission History Recording
    Advanced Image Processing
    Providing Highly Accurate Geo-Location Coordinates
    Growth Potential for Mission Requirements

With a modular mechanical design, ASELPOD comprises high density capabilities.

ASELPOD designed to fit fighter jets such as F-16's and F-4's and can be adapted to various air platforms.

    Reconnaissance and Surveillance

General Features

    Superior Range Performance
    Superior Maintainability
    Internal Boresight Unit

    Dual-Wavelength Laser Range Finder

    Eye-Safe Training Mode for LRF in Addition to Combat Mode
    Safe and Easier training

    Matched FOVs for IR and TV Cameras

    Better situational awareness when switching between sensors
    Common FOVs for the system (NFOF, WFOV, SWFOV)

    Super Wide Field of View for IR Camera

    Navigation capability at Night with IR video on HUD
    Better situational awareness before switching to narrower FOVs

    Continuous Zoom for IR Camera (Optional)
    Advanced Image Processing
    Simultaneous MFD and HUD Video Outputs
    Multi Target Tracking
    Simultaneous Target Tracking on IR and TV Videos
    Video and Inertial Target Tracking
    Accurate Target Geo-Location
    Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
    Accurate Stabilization
    Automatic Alignment with Platform
    Integrated Environmental Control Unit
    Continuous Roll Capability
    Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground Modes
    Video and Data Recorder (Optional)

    Simultaneous Recording of IR and TV Videos and Mission Data
    Solid State Type Recorder for High Reliability
    Mission Debriefing
    In-Flight Video Playback

Technical Specifications
Sensor Resolutions    IR: 640x512
​    TV: 768x576

Fields of View (FOVs)

    IR: 0.8° - 4.0° - 28°
​    TV: 0.8° - 4.0°
Field of Regard (FOR)   

Azimuth: 360° continuous

Elevation: +45° to -150°
Laser Range Finder and Target Designator   

Wavelength (Combat): 1064 nm

Wavelength (Training): 1570 nm

Repetition rate: up to 20 Hz
Laser Pointer    Wavelength: NIR
Laser Spot Tracker    Wavelength: 1064 nm
Communication Interface    MIL-STD-1553B
Video Interface   

2x Video Output (RS-170)

1x Video Input (Optional)
Power Interface    115 VAC 400Hz and 28 VDC

Diameter: 430 mm

Length: 2350 mm
Weight    240 kg

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.