KDU-45 Keyboard Display Unit

KDU-45 Keyboard Display Unit has a color display based on Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) technology with an active display area of 4 by 5 inches.

KDU-45 Keyboard Display Unit is part of the modern avionic digital cockpit management system.

KDU-45 Keyboard Display Unit acts as the primary Man Machine Interface (MMI) in the cockpit for control, display and management. It provides control and status awareness of the platform to the pilot and co-pilot.

KDU-45 has Data Knob, Alphanumerical Keys and Line Select Keys for data entry to the connected avionic systems.

KDU-45 Keyboard Display Unit provides avionics subsystem mode selection and status indication functionalities by displaying flight, navigation, communication, weapon and various other management screens on the display.

KDU-45 Keyboard Display Unit with its reliable and durable design can withstand harsh environmental conditions of fixed and rotary wing platforms.
Important Features


    Wide Active Area
    NVIS Class B Compatible
    Alphanumeric Keys
    Line Select Keys
    Data Knob
    Compact Design
    Easy to Integrate
    Ideal Match for Mission Computer Applications
    RTCA DO-178B Certifiable Software
    RTCA DO-254 Certifiable Hardware

Display Specifications

    Display Type : Color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
    Display Area: 4" x 5"
    Resolution: 480 x 640 (120 PGPI)
    Display Color: 262144 colors
    Viewing Envelope: +/- 40° horizontal
                                         +/- 30° vertical
    Luminance Range : 0.04 fL - 210 fL
    NVIS Compatibility : MIL-L-85762A, Class B


    Com. Interfaces: RS-422 Serial Communication, Discrete I/O Interfaces, RS-232 (Maintenance Interface)
    Operating Voltage: 28VDC
    Power Consumption: 45 W (Nominal)
                                              95 W (Heaters on)



Physical Specifications

    Dimensions  : 257 mm (H) x 146 mm (W) x 170 mm (D)
    Weight         : < 4.8 kg