DHS-300 Digital Intercommunication System

DHS-300 manages airborne radios, receivers and units with voice alerts and also provides communication interface for pilot and copilot.

DHS-300, which has digital audio processing capability, meets reliable and high quality audio communication needs for noisy military environments.

With its reliable and rugged design, DHS-300 operates in severe environmental conditions on fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms.

DHS-300 can be configured for communication with multiple users.
Sub Units

DHS-300 consists of 2 (two) identical Audio Control Panels.
Important Features

Technical Specifications

    Radio Receiver/Transmitter Channels Control
    VOR, MB and TACAN Receivers Controls
    Navigation Receiver Channels Controls
    Controlled Direct Receiver Channels Support
    Uncontrolled Direct Receiver Channels Support
    Interphone Channel Management
    Voice Operated Transmit (VOX) Capability
    HOT MIKE Capability
    Sidetone Capability
    Voice Recorder Output
    DO-254 Certified Hardware
    DO-178B Certified Software
    Built In Test (BIT) Capabilities
        Initiated BIT
        Continuous BIT
        Power up BIT features
    Reporting BIT results through RS-485 serial interface


    RTCA DO-160G

Environmental Conditions

    Operating Temperature and Altitude      : -40°C / +70°C, 15.000 ft.
    Storage Temperature                                    : -55°C / +85°C

Physical Specifications

    Dimensions: 67 mm (H) x 146 mm (W) x 169 mm (D)
    Weight: <1.4 kg