LMM Missile Launching System (MLS)

The LMM Missile Launching System (MLS), developed to provide defense for refineries, seaports and naval bases against variety of surface threats, is a customized compact and lightweight solution for Fast Interceptor Boats (FIB). It has been designed to have minimum weight and impact on FIB speed and maneuverability.

The basic system configuration comprises a lightweight stand alone stabilized Electro Optic (EO) Suite, a stabilized weapon turret and Fire Control subsystem distributed on the boat. Laser Transmitter Unit required for Laser Beam Guiding and other EO units for target detection and tracking are located inside the stabilized EO Suite.

MLS can automatically slew to the target coordinates assigned by  EO Suite supported by FIB radar. The system can be operated using its own operator panel located in the wheelhouse.